Monday, April 9, 2012


Discovery | StoryCorps  Click the link to hear the story about a man telling his daughter about how he met her mother.

     Vocalics is how people express themselves through voice. The voice has different vocal properties. These properties are: rate, or speed at which the person speaks, pitch, inflection and variety in the voice, volume, being loud or soft, and articulation and pronunciation, or how correctly and clearly the person speaks. The voice will also develop physiological habits that are called vocal qualities. These qualities are: breathiness, think Joan Rivers, raspiness, or hoarseness like someone who has been smoking for far too long, and nasality, having a really whiny voice.
     In the story that I posted the link for above the man speaking seems to have a bit of raspiness in his voice and he doesn't seem to enunciate his words clearly like when he says "You're going to marry me..." he really pronounces it like "Yer gonna merry me.". His voice have a variety in pitch and the inflection changes throughout the story. He does not drone on like the boring, monotoned math teacher we all had in school. He also laughs a few times and has a very comfortable pace of speaking that is easy to listen to. He also makes use of audible pauses, and silent pauses. The audible pauses happen when he is taking in a breath to then continue on with the story. The silent pauses happen when he stops for just a moment to let the anticipation build up for the story or to help make a point by emphasizing something with the silence.
     While listening to the story I noticed the man's voice would get higher in pitch when he was asking a question or was trying to convey shock or disbelief, such as at the beginning when he was describing what girls were like and how he met his wife. When just stating a fact like "We graduated in 1959. I immediately went into the navy..." his voice gets lower and stays rather steady.
     We all have a unique voice just like we all have a unique walk and fingerprints. Even twins don't sound the exact same. You can tell alot about a person just by their voice. If they have an accent you can usually tell where they are from. If they enunciate their words or if they just let them jumble together you can generally tell if they are from a more well-to-do family or not. If someone is loud and talking quickly you can assume they might be excited about something. If someone is talking slow and with short responses they could be upset.


  1. McKinzie -- This post has a good introduction, but needs a summarizing conclusion. Your analysis is detailed and on target. Nice work.

  2. it would have been better if it was listed in points,miss